Health Conditions That Invite Male Impotence

Impotence, also referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED), is a common sexual health condition characterised by a man’s inability to attain and/or maintain penile erection long enough to have successful sexual intercourse. It can be caused by a number of factors ranging from physical to psychological. Sometimes a man can have erectile difficulties because of mixed reasons, in which case, it is very important to identify the risk factors accurately for proper treatment. Speaking of erectile dysfunction treatment and the name that immediately springs to mind is Viagra (sildenafil). A pack of blue pills at the bedside is sure to comfort a man who(se) is ‘down’! But before delving into the treatment choices, let’s have a look at the common risk factors for ED.

Type-2 diabetes

It is estimated that more than 16 million people in the UK suffer from type-2 diabetes – a health condition that can adversely affect a man’s erection. To get a firm erection and maintain it, you need to have a number of physical components working fine in your body. They include nerves, blood vessels and certain hormones. Type-2 diabetes can affect your nerves and blood vessels that regulate erection. So, even if you are high on sexual desire and your sex hormones are working fine, you may still be experiencing erection problems because of damaged blood vessels and nerves, which are a result of diabetes. It is advisable talk to a doctor to find ways to manage diabetes and improve your general as well as sexual health.

Prostate cancer

The prostate gland is one of the most important organs of the male reproductive system. Muscular contractions in the prostate during orgasm facilitates ejaculation and enables you to complete sexual intercourse. Prostate cancer treatment can affect the extremely sensitive nerves that surround this organ, causing erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems. For men suffering from ED as a consequence of prostate cancer, impotence pills can be of help. These pills can expand blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis to produce a firm erection. Other treatment options include penile implants, injection therapy and vacuum devices.


Weight-related problems can also cause erectile dysfunction. When you are overweight or obese, your heart needs to exert itself more than normal to pump blood to the penis and other organs. It can result in lack of blood flow to the penis, affecting the quality of your erection.

Peyronie’s disease

It is said that no penis is completely straight when erect. But when the bend is abnormal, it may affect your sexual activities in a big way. Peyronie’s disease is a connective tissue disorder that causes an abnormally bent penis. A medicine like Viagra is not recommended for men experiencing ED because of a bent or deformed penis. Injection therapies and penile prosthesis are usually what most doctors would recommend to treat this condition and help the concerned individual regain his masculine prowess.


Your lifestyle often holds the key to your sexual vitality, or the lack of it. Too much drinking or smoking can have damaging consequences on your health as well as sexual performance. Lack of exercise or physical activities can make you both physically and mentally lethargic and withdrawn, leading to decreased sexual vigor.

Oral ED treatment

Impotence is not a new problem for men, but its treatment is. It was only in the late 1990s that medicinal sciences found an effective and quick-action solution to erectile issues. It was Viagra and it still is Viagra, with viable support from Cialis and Levitra. Talk to a doctor today to find out whether or not you are a candidate for oral erectile dysfunction treatment with these prescription impotence pills.

The Common Dog Health Conditions

As a responsible pet owner, you should be familiar with the dog health conditions that always hit many dogs in a year. We all want out dogs to look happy, jumping up and down when they see us, and to play with us anytime, anywhere. This won’t happen though when they get sick and we don’t address it at once. Here are some dog healths conditions that you need to know:

Just like human, your dog can get skin allergies too that are caused by dust mites, pollens, food ingredients, fleas and molds. If your dog is itching excessively in every part of his body, then it is he or she has allergies. Since there are different types of allergies, it is much better if you go to the veterinarian in order to look at your dog. Also ask your vet for medications and other recommendations to prevent allergies, especially if they are getting worse.

Heartworm disease is caused by an infected mosquito that has larvae in its body. It bites the dog and deposits the larvae, where it matures and migrates near the heart to reproduce. The larvae can reach their heart and slowly kill them. Sadly, symptoms don’t appear until after a year since it was bitten. The best way is to bring your dog to the vet to perform a heartworm test and be treated immediately if he or she s positive. The treatment could be he or she will drink a tablet or have a topical treatment that will make your dog heartworm-free in no time.

Ear infections are caused by yeast growing in their ears and can annoy your dogs very much. The symptoms here are always scratching in the ear area, whining, and a white substance coming out from the ear. This is one dog health problem that can bring a lot of damage to their ears and can even result to loss of hearing. Treat your dog immediately and ask the veterinarian for help on what to do on the treatment.

Conjunctivitis is a dog health problem where there is inflammation and infection in the eye caused by parasites and allergies and is very common on domestic dogs. There will be discharge coming from the eyes that is a bit greenish. This can cause the loss of sight for your dog if not addressed immediately, so check this up on your vet before it’s too late.

Mange is also one dog health condition that you should watch out for because this can cause the skin of your dog to get dry fall out. This is caused by a mite that burrows itself on the skin of your dog. There will be red parts and scabs that can get worse if not treated immediately.

These are just some of the dog health problems that you should be familiar with in order to better take care of your dog. It is happiness for pet owners to see their dogs healthy and very lively, so always take care of your dog’s health to have a happy relationship with them.

Fish Oil Use for the Prevention of Chronic Health Conditions

Fish oil use is beneficial because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that have been linked to the prevention of numerous health conditions. These fatty acids have also been found to reduce the symptoms of certain health conditions in numerous individuals. In fact, some experts and nutritionists have labeled omega-3 fatty acids as ‘wonder’ foods because of their healing effect and general healthfulness.

Prevention of Chronic Health Conditions

Omega-3 fatty acids like the ones found in fish oil have been shown to reduce the risk of heart conditions such as angina, heart attack, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and stroke. They’re known to reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow, and maintain elasticity of artery walls and more. With heart disease being the number one cause of death among women in the United States, it’s safe to say that everyone could benefit from omega-3 fatty acids.

Treating Disorders

In addition to preventing health conditions, fish based oil has been shown to be helpful in treating certain conditions. The EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are two fatty acids found in fish oil, are beneficial in treating depression, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, and many other conditions when taken on a regular basis.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why this type of oil has been called a wonder food. The sheer benefits one gains from taking a fish oil supplement are outstanding.

Pregnancy and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Pregnant women can benefit greatly from Omega-3 fatty acids because the DHA helps boost the unborn fetus’s brain, circulatory system, and retinas.


Obviously, fish oil comes from fish, but the best sources come from Salmon, Tuna, and Catfish. These fish are rich in oil, but not as high in mercury. Mercury is a problem when you eat too much fish, which is why many individuals choose to get the proper amounts of omega-3 fatty acids from supplements.

It’s important that the supplements are high-quality, because low-quality supplements can also contain mercury. High-quality supplements are carefully processed to remove any mercury, leaving only the beneficial oils behind.

Taking supplements is easier than trying to fit enough fish into a diet plan each week. With supplements, it’s as easy as swallowing a pill. Taking the time to do this a few times a day can result in health that is comparatively better than it was before starting the supplements.

Fish oil is an extremely beneficial vitamin that all individuals should partake in, provided they have permission from their doctor and aren’t taking medications that would interact with their fish oil use.

Top Mental Health Conditions And Their Indications

Mental health conditions are quite tricky to recognize specifically when you are unaware of their symptoms. Just like any bodily diseases, they can lead to an incurable state if not addressed early. As these affect the personality of the individuals concerned, their families also get hurt in the process. This is because memory loss and hostile behaviour may be evident among them. Thus their social function is affected and their family names could be dragged to embarrassing situations.

Anxiety disorders are the most common of these syndromes. People who suffer from these are usually fearful of different things. For one, thoughts about death do not only send shivers down their spine. These also cause them sleeplessness and withdrawal from activities they used to enjoy. Rapid heartbeat, sweating and uncontrollable responses to certain situations are clear symptoms of these disorders. Phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behaviour and social anxieties are examples.

Abrupt and extreme mood swings are characteristic of mental health conditions. Formally known as affective disorders, these involve extreme feelings of sadness and feelings of happiness. Depression, mania and bipolar disorder are common illnesses under this category.

On the other hand, those that affect a person’s way of thinking are called psychotic disorders. These cause affected individuals to have distorted awareness of many things. Delusions and hallucinations are two illnesses one should be aware of. A person suffering from delusions see unacceptable behaviours as acceptable. A person suffering from hallucinations hear sounds or voices and see things that are not happening in real life.

Personality disorders are the usual reasons why people think and act outside the norms of society. Sufferers of these seek for mental health therapy because they interfere with their performances at work, school, or social relationships. They could be anti-social, obsessive compulsive and paranoid in most cases.

Generally dubbed as freedom of expression, sexual disorders also impair the minds of most people. The way they project themselves gender wise and their respective sexual behaviours. As they have distorted thinking about their gender and sexual desires, they are dressing up and acting differently from their female or male orientation.

Other illnesses that involve the brain are tic disorders. Do you see people repeating sounds or body movements? These are tics which are uncontrollable. They happen involuntarily such as Tourette’s syndrome, sleep-related problems, varied forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The brain or mind can be very powerful. It can cause the body to experience symptoms of certain diseases even the latter are non-existent in the person’s system. This is very true in the case of psychosomatic illnesses. An individual experiences sickness as the mind conditions the body to be so.

Four Health Conditions Causing Panic Attacks

You experience….

Increased palpitations, sweating, weight loss, sweats. What is it? Grave’s disease. 1 in 8 women have this and the most noted feature is bulging eyeballs. Grave’s disease is not a mental health disorder.

You experience…

Rising blood pressure, migraines, intense sweats, severe hot flashes, hand tremors, increased anxiety, racing heart rate.What is it? Adrenal Gland tumor. It is not that rare. Adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys. The tumor secrets a hormone, epinephrine (fight or flight). Once the tumor “explodes” or is excised, the symptoms disappear.

You experience…

Air hunger, heart racing, shortness of breath, impending doom, always wired but tired. What is it? Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). The valve in the heart reverberates, hitting nerves which cause the symptoms. This condition is treated with beta blockers

You experience…

Anxious feelings but not necessarily increased stomach acid. What is it?: Acid Reflux (GERD) which is treated with H2 blockers

If you have any of the above symptoms and have been told you are having a panic attack, don’t stop there. Insist that your doctor check for the above physical health conditions. They are not unusual health conditions but are responsible for a diagnosis of panic attacks many times over – the wrong diagnosis!

Panic attacks and the accompanying symptoms can be debilitating. It is a mental health disorder and is treated as such. But if your “mental health disorder” is caused by a physical condition, then no amount of medication treating a mental disorder is going to help.

Symptoms That Help the Cat in Speaking of Its Health Conditions

Cats are like humans when it comes to the field of medical conditions and illness; they are vulnerable to the simpler versions of infection and diseases that attack us and are found to be showing special forms of symptoms to us. These symptoms are very easily noticed if we watch our meowing pets closely and can be prevented in many cases, if the exact curing methods are known beforehand by researching on the same. On the contrary, if we are able to see the symptoms outside, it probably also means that the cat is suffering from health ailments inside as well.

Consulting the abundant resources available online about the perfect methods of keeping our cats’ health conditions stable or by consulting a vet about the systematic checkups needed, will help us in taking care of our pets even better. Cats show special characters like aggressiveness towards anyone who tries to pet it, acting funnily, lethargic behavior and giving out an unpleasant odor. All these symptoms may not be noticed if we are not friendly towards them in all ways. Like humans, if they need help in something, they will try to show us by changing their characters and living patterns.

Cats have a unique way of food habits; if they are active in catching their own prey, it means they are capable and healthy. If they seek food resources from us more often, it is the first sign of trouble in your Cat. If they find it difficult to eat properly, it means that they are suffering from sickness and some sort of illness to a slight degree. However, if they seek food either in very low quantities or in huge amounts, then there is definitely something wrong in their health conditions that needs immediate attention of a certified vet.

In the event of finding your cat in a state of troubled mind, it usually gives you the sign of health issues with it. By noticing any differences in their body smell, their stool and urine, we may help the Cat in leading a perfectly normal life with us. Sometimes, people do not attend to such minor details that might lead to bleeding in the stool and urine or mucus output in the same. If such changes are not noted, we may risk losing the pet altogether. The other symptoms to be noted are the yellowing of their skin, loss of hair in unusual amounts, change of color in the skin covering their mouth and gums and sometimes, the Cat will not be able to clean itself, properly which means that it is suffering from some form of skin disease.

Their conditions may also be determined by analyzing their patterns of life closely; frequent thirst, high fever, diarrhea or constipation, sneezing, coughing, running nose, ear infection and dehydration of their eyes will help in determining the exact condition of our Cats. A very simple method of finding out whether the cat is dehydrated is by pulling the skin slightly between their shoulder blades and once you let it go, they should fall back in place immediately. If not, then it is in need of serious care and water solvents as soon as possible.

All About Nutrition Fitness and Health Conditions

According to an article about the fattest countries in the world, the U.S. weighs in at #9. The article from was posted by Yahoo Finance in 2010 and states that in the U.S., about 74% of those over 15 years of age are considered to be overweight. That is staggering when you see that only about 1 out of 4 people living in the U.S. are at or below their recommended weight. These numbers can probably be widely debated, yet the fact remains that people are not living healthy lifestyles that promote consistently good fitness and health habits.

So, there must be a reason for the lack of focus on nutrition fitness health and other diet and exercise related activities. Many changes have taken place in society that would cause people to become distracted from fitness and health related activities. Some of those are listed here:

The Internet – Since the onset and surge of the internet, millions of people that did not own computers before, do now. Hours upon hours are spent in front of a small screen causing eye strain, fatigue, and poor posture. Not to mention the time this takes away from physical exercise.

Video Games – Many children are restricted to indoor activities due to safety concerns of their parents. It used to be fine to send the kids out to play and they would be outdoors for hours upon hours. Now, it is the other way around.

Electronic Devices – Every kid wants to be “connected” these days. It started with email, then cell phones, next came the ability to text your messages, and now there are online social networks to keep kids distracted from exercise for hours upon days and more hours and hours.

Busy Lifestyles – It is common now for both parents in a household to work. Many work at least 8 hours a day or longer and then commute for many more hours. Anxiety and fatigue are common side effects of a busy lifestyle. Diet has become fast food and exercise is walking to and from the car.

Something must give. What has suffered is our health. Common health conditions like stroke, high blood pressure, bowel disease, and people having trouble sleeping are all symptomatic of a society letting itself go. What must happen now is a complete shift in focus. Our parents used to say, “everything can be done in moderation”. So consider that you can do all of the things you do now, just less of them…..and do more of the things you are not currently doing.

One of the first things you can do is set goals for fitness and health, such as a good lose weight diet plan to get you started. This can be as simple as setting a limit on the number of sodas you drink in a day. Establish a routine and set aside 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week to get your heart rate going. Eat a small breakfast, even if it is just a dry piece of toast and glass of juice on the way out the door. Your metabolism will kick in and you can actually lose weight from eating something in the morning.

Next, set aside some time to relax some. Your body needs to rest emotionally, so find something quiet to do each day for 15 to 20 minutes. Also, try to cook at home as much as possible. Eating out a lot is not a smart health fitness nutrition strategy.

So let us review. Changes do not have to be radical, just work gradually into developing a healthy lifestyle. Remember that fitness and health related exercise are essential for good physical and mental health. Diet and nutrition are critical, so eat more foods with high nutritional value like vegetables, lean meat, fruit, nuts, and grains. And finally, get educated on everything about nutrition fitness and health conditions. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of serious health problems so you can stay healthy.

The Two Forms of Health and Disease

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately – in fact I spent the past three weeks in and out of bed with a ‘natural detox’ that wouldn’t stop.

During the rest – Physical, Digestive and Mental – I projected many thoughts about the topic of health and the manner in which I teach.

I will be very honest with you – I found myself becoming somewhat disillusioned – not in regards to the efficacy of the topic but rather in the opposition to the natural laws of health as propounded by the current medical views.

There are basically two – and only two – philosophies of health and disease.

1. One – the dominant one as marketed by the medical profession is that disease is an entity which exists – in isolation to the body – and due to its nature – attacks the body of a living organism and makes it sick. The corollary to this philosophy is that a specific antigen (read as drug or medicine) is necessary to combat said ‘germ/virus/bacteria/infection’ in order to effect a ‘cure’ and return the sick organism to health.

2. Two – health is the natural state of all living organisms and disease is simply a condition which arises due to a faulty lifestyle. When a degree of toxaemia reaches critical level – the body will initiate a ‘healing cycle’ accompanied by a rise in temperature. During a subsequent rest (physical, digestive and mental) the body will always heal itself – provided that there is adequate energy to complete the process.

And in closing – I’d like to paraphrase from one of our most famous health advocators.

‘Shall we take it as a general principle that all disease, at some period or other of its course, is more or less a reparative process… it is an effort of nature to remedy a process of poisoning or decay, which has taken place, weeks, months, sometimes years beforehand…’

Taken from – Florence Nightingale, NOTES ON NURSING – What it is and what it is not. – 145 pages –

First published in 1839, Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd. 3 Henrietta Street, London – W.C.2, Great Britain.

5 Mental Health Conditions That Mimic ADHD

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental health disorders affecting children across the world. Although the disorder strikes at a younger age, the symptoms may penetrate even into the adulthood. Most children diagnosed with ADHD show debilitating behaviors such as inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, which interfere with their activities in school or at home.

According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of 2011, nearly 11 percent American children aged 4 to 17 years were diagnosed with ADHD.

Sadly, ADHD is often misdiagnosed by doctors, primarily due to its overlapping symptoms with other mental health conditions, such as bipolar disorder, autism, sleep disorders, etc. Only a mental health professional can differentiate between the symptoms of ADHD and other mental health conditions.

Listed below are a few mental illnesses whose symptoms mirror ADHD symptoms:

1. Bipolar disorder

While bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that results in unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels and hampers the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks, it is often confused with ADHD due to the presence of certain common symptoms, like mood instability, sudden outbursts, restlessness, talkativeness and impatience.

2. Autism spectrum disorder

A child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) exhibits a group of developmental disorders comprising ongoing social problems and repetitive behaviors that usually appear during the formative years. Some of the symptoms of ASD, such as hyperactivity, social development issues, and emotional immaturity, often overlap with the symptoms of ADHD, which, in turn, leads to misdiagnosis.

3. Sleep disorders

Children diagnosed with ADHD suffer from a variety of sleep problems. Studies have shown that children with ADHD often exhibit daytime sleeping habits and poor sleeping patterns, which may profoundly impact the existing symptoms of ADHD. Thus, sleep deprivation, which is a growing problem among the American children, is often mistaken as a symptom of ADHD.

4. Fetal alcohol syndrome

When a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy, it is very likely that the newborn will suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), resulting in problems with the vision, hearing ability, memory, attention span, etc. Such infants are also likely to exhibit several other behavioral problems, such as hyperactivity, attention problems and learning disorders, which are often misdiagnosed as ADHD.

5. Hypothyroidism

Also referred to as an underactive thyroid disease, hypothyroidism leads to both under and overproduction of thyroid hormones in a child, which leads to energy imbalances, mood disorders and problems in concentration. The disorder also triggers the feelings of sadness, depression, and memory problems, which often misleads a health care practitioner to misdiagnose the condition as ADHD.

Road to recovery

Mental health issues can affect anyone at any stage of life. If you or someone you love is struggling with a mental health illness, it’s better to consult a specialist. Mental health disorders can impact children and adults alike. One must seek professional help if it becomes cumbersome to deal with a mental health issue. Ignoring signs of a mental problem, especially in children, can lead to complications and may even threaten life.

Common Dog Health Conditions

We love our four legged friends! They are always ready for a walk, we can nearly always get their tail to wag by speaking to them and they sure love to play. Dogs are one of the most favored pets of all time, and they are a wonderful playmate to children and companion of adults. In fact, they’re pretty much like part of the family. What about when they’re not feeling well? This article will outline some of the most common dog health conditions and what the symptoms are so that you can identify them quickly.

Skin Allergies –

Many dogs experience skin allergies and a lot of the time, owners treat them for something else that has similar symptoms. If you are unsure whether or not your dog has skin allergies, some of the symptoms include – itching all over the body, biting at or scratching itchy spots often and biting, chewing and licking of the paws. If you’re still unsure whether your dog is suffering from allergies or something else, take him to the vet to be positive.

Heart Worms –

Heart worms are actually a parasite called Dirofilaria Imitis. They are actually transmitted by mosquitoes which have bitten another dog with heart worms. When your dog gets bitten, the larvae are injected into his blood. They grow and later become heart worms. Symptoms are typically a cough or ‘hack’ and you may notice that your dog becomes tired during exercise more quickly than normal. This can lead to death, so have your dog treated immediately if you suspect heart worms.

Conjunctivitis –

This is an eye infection and inflammation which is the most common eye problem for domestic animals. This can be caused by an infection, parasites and even allergies. You will typically notice a discharge coming from the dog’s eyes that looks greenish to whitish and may differ in texture. It can be runny or thick, and it will usually start with a little and grow as the conjunctivitis progresses.

Ear Infections –

Most commonly caused by yeast infections, ear infections in dogs can be a real annoyance to your dog. Yeast infections happen when the bad bacteria that all dogs carry is allowed to overgrow and create a problem. You will notice your dog scratching or digging at his ears, whining, a whitish discharge and even a crusty substance. There is often a foul smell that accompanies dogs’ yeast infections. Should you suspect an ear yeast infection, you will want to treat your dog immediately.

Mange –

Mange is actually caused by a type of mite that all pups generally have. In most dogs, it is no problem however in some this mite will cause a skin disease. You will probably first notice that your dog is scratching a bit more than normal. This is due to the burrowing mites. Their skin then releases a serum which causes the skin to dry out and the hair to fall out. You will probably notice this around the head first. There will be patches of skin with no hair and it may look red or scabbed. If you think your dog has mange, have him treated immediately.

These are just some of the common health conditions that dogs face and what the symptoms are. If you notice any ‘out of the way’ behavior in your dog, find out what is happening so that you can treat him quickly.